My frame

pa skapet email

I want to make concrete frames. Above is my first experiment!! Frame is cute, but the photo in it is a print out so you have to imagine it with a crisp print and maybe even a glass in front…they will be great!!

This one was straight forward. An IKEA plastic frame we used to have in the kitchen. It never really felt right after we repainted, so I opened it and found a hollow – almost perfect – mould.  The idea was to have a variety of frames though, and they wont all be hollow…so I have ordered a container with silicon rubber. Keep your fingers crossed and I might be an expert rubber mould maker next week 🙂

It came out in a sandy colour, and even if you cannot see it from the photograph, very fragile and grainy surface. I tried a new mould release agent and it reacted with the concrete. I am hoping my next attempt to come out smooth and pale. I have sealed the fragile concrete with PVA, but the colour is unchanged.

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