a lamp!

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I thought it was time to be a little more adventurous!  I had a pair of broken – and badly glued together – bedside table lamps in our guest room. This is the first one. 

I started by taking out the hammer and breaking it properly. The plan was to use the wire, and all the lamp fastenings, but to update the broken shell. I ended up casting a new foot in an old chips tube and I modelled a new shade by covering the old metal inside in a concrete dipped jumper sleeve.

trasig email mer trasig email inuti skarm email jumper email

First, I cut off the top of the tube. Then I made a whole at the rim (for the wire to go through) and attached it, watertight, with heavy duty tape to a flat bottom. I taped it up with the wire and lamp base, and made sure that the wire was just long enough to allow the plastic base to peek out of the concrete at the top. It sounds complicated, but have a look at the photographs below.

inuti email crisp package email under email

I also cut off a piece of jumper sleeve to wrap around the shade metal skeleton. I allowed it to be skew, in order to make it stand out against the strict straight cylinder foot. In hind sight, maybe a little too wonky 🙂

I then did my concrete cast and dip! For more information on how to mix and cast in concrete, including safety advice,  look at my basic instruction.  If you want to read more about how to dip a fabric item in concrete, look at my doily dip instructions.

After letting my two little packages cure airtight for a week, it was an easy job assembling it all. I will try to make a sphere lamp shade on the second one. This one is cute, but it needs more of an edge.

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