Involving the little ones!

kids step stone email

There are so many broken little plastic toys floating around our house. Perhaps all boys are born with magnetic powers attracting plastic in all shapes and sizes. I sneak them out systematically every time I clean the house, and they bring them back from restaurants, parties or from just walking down the street…

I have a secret bag where they go to retire instead of the bin. The bag is gold for rainy day arty projects! This is a stepping stone we made last year. I prepared a little box with concrete, kitted my then 8 year old in safety goggles, massive plastic gloves and an overall, and let him go loose on squeezing toys into the mixture.

BE SAFE. It is important to use googles, a mask and plastic gloves. Breathing in the concrete is dangerous and it can burn your skin and damage your eyes.  I always read the manufacturers safety data sheet for further instructions and I advise you to do the same. Be careful as you handle it in both powder and wet form.

Concrete dries out your skin. It can also still be curing even if it is hard to touch. Curing concrete can corrode your skin and cause serious burns.  Therefor you should always wear your plastic gloves as you remove items from moulds, sand them, scrape them or handle them. 

You can find all the information on how to mix your concrete in my beginners lesson.

It might not be so comfortable to step on…but it looks cute!


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