a castle door stop

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I found a super cute sand castle mould in our local bargain shop. It cost only £1.49, so I immediately thought I could cast concrete in it! My house needs a few doorstops…

sand mould email


  • SNOWCRETE (white cement)
  •  kiln dried sand
  • Plastic mould – I used a sand castle toy mould
  • Safety googles
  • sheet to protect the floor
  • Plastic bin bag
  • Optional: release agent or wax

This is a straight forward casting project. The mould was ready when I bought it. The only thing I had to do was to add a release agent.  Unfortunately I was out of my normal one,  and the one I used instead did not work so well.

I followed the steps outlined in my beginners casting lesson, and shock it around well after I poured!

I left my castle wrapped up for a week,  but I couldn’t for the life of me get it out of the mould when the time came.  I tried everything!  Eventually I decided to break the mould.  The plastic were quite hard, so I had to be careful not to scratch the surface.

broken emailepoxy email

When I finally succeeded in removing the castle a few towers had broken off…so much for me trying to be careful.  But hey hoe, what can you do.  I glued the loose pieces with some two part epoxy resin. It feels stuck now! The cracks are quite visible still and I haven’t decided if I like the ruin look, or if I should fix them up with some polyfilla..

Concrete dries out your skin. It can also still be curing even if it is hard to touch. Curing concrete can corrode your skin and cause serious burns.  Therefor you should always wear your plastic gloves as you remove items from moulds, sand them, scrape them or handle them. 

Either way, my door is firmly in place. It won’t be so easy for little hands to slam it now!

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